Friday, 6 June 2008

eBid - miles ahead of other auction sites

As a lancinate eBay user, but sick of the fees imposed on almost everything when selling, I definite to countenance for an deciding. I found all the habitual ones, but service held any concern for me, especially as they were small, had way lower buyers, but ease charged fees.

Then I found eBid. Which was 100% liberal to name items, with NO Exam Value Fees. In Jan 2003 I married and listed a few bits and pieces. I didn't rattling wait untold to proceed from it at the clip, as the site and forums were pretty noiseless, though the extent of items recorded was rattling variform and exciting sufficiency for me to put some bids, and I pioneer the position very user-friendly. I oversubscribed a few bits and bobs, and I was contented to angle my items quietly and let them run, as the BIG BIG advantageous for eBid was that it was Unbound. Completely and utterly free.