Thursday, 26 June 2008

Past Khmer star

Let me tell you the story that I have heard. In the 1960s, Cambodia was in need of educated people. Norodom Sihanouk, the king, decided to select a group of people to go study abroad and bring back education into Cambodia. A group of people was selected. Each person in the group study different field. Among the people in the group there was a man, and he was to study ceramic, how to make tiles, plates, bricks, and so on. Off they went to China. Five or six years later, the group returned. Everyone in the group did what they supposed to do, except the man that supposed to study ceramic. He came back not with the technique on how to make bricks, but how to break bricks, that is martial arts. By now you would have guessed who he was. Chea Yutorn quickly became a popular action star of Khmer movies. He starred in such chinese series in khmer as Krorper Charavan. This was the movie that made movie-goers think twice before taking a swim in the lake or river because of the fear of crocodiles. This movie tells a magical tale of why the crocodiles become so hostile and deadly nowadays. Chea Yutorn starred in such thai lakorn in khmer movies as Paov Chuk Sor and Poss Kaing Korng.